What is this rawleaf thing?


We’ve just launched under our new guise and website, and you may be asking yourself why anyone needs a company like rawleaf, so I thought I’d outline our vision and what we hope to achieve.

I often find that in all sizes of organisations there are ¬†innovative ideas that have been surfaced, but for a variety of reasons they can’t be acted on. For example, in medium to large organisations, it’s often a matter of cutting through the red tape, and ensuring that inter-departmental collaboration and cross-charging can be set up. In smaller organisations and startups, it’s more a matter of resource constraints given the backdrop of trying to make your organisation successful following your original goals.

One thing that can be quite common is to find that there simply isn’t the ability to expand on the idea in a timely fashion, and take it from being just an idea into something tangible – addressing the dreaded “now what?” question.

Simply put, rawleaf is a product and technology partner – we’re creative technologists. If you need to kickstart your idea, we can offer you our idea2innovation lab, and following on from that we also offer the ability to take that forward into a tangible proof-of-concept. We believe having something to show/play with is infinitely more powerful than just an idea, and we’ve seen first hand the difference between showing your best Powerpoint deck explaining your idea and actually having something to show. We’ve seen management teams/boards commit to pushing ahead with bringing an innovation to fruition when they’re presented that they can touch and feel.

Whether it’s a web application, mobile app, desktop app or all of the above, or even just an idea about what could be offered, our team is on hand to help as we’ve helped many other clients in the past.

We’re also working on products ourselves that we hope to launch in the not too distant future, so we’re “dog fooding” what we offer too!

We firmly believe we can help organisations from ideas right through to build and iterative improvement post launch, and we’d love to talk to you further if you think we can help. Give us a call on 0208 123 9002 or email me at kuli@rawleaf.com.

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